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It’s time to play the annual Pebble Creek game GUESS WHEN THE SNOW WILL LEAVE THE MEADOW. Click HERE for information.

WEBCAMS (updated every 8 minutes during daylight hours)

meadowcam is down

cabincam is down

CO Parks & Wildlife has released its wolf-reintroduction plan. The map shows wolf habitat suitability; Pebble Creek (marked *) and the entire east side of the Gore Range possess high ecological suitability and low conflict risk! The plan took a lot of work by a lot of people. Read the article HERE. The science behind wolf reintroduction is rock-solid. The program manager, Eric Odell, said, “The greatest challenges … are primarily going to come from social and political issues rather than biological issues.”

20,000 YEARS AGO (video HERE) PINE MARTEN (24 seconds) Martina in the birdbooth (no audio). Fall 2016 SPRING PEEPERS (25 seconds) Frogs less than an inch long awaken from their long winter’s sleep in this ‘sinkhole’. In early June, the peepers peep flat out day and night for 10-14 days, and then fall silent for another year. BEAVER (29 seconds). Spring 2016. Wait for the tail slap (at 24 sec)… What will the FOX do? (90 seconds) April 2016.

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