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26 July 2017
Sorkins erect Wilderness boundary sign (Harlee Sorkin)

17 January 2017
Bull elk visits (Lisa Kendell)

14 October 2016
Pebble Creek celebrates 100 years since homesteading (by Bill Betz)

3 October 2016
Sam & Elizabeth with the horses (by Bill Betz)

10 April 2016
Fox on the deck (by Bill Betz)

24 May 2015
Three bull moose (by Doug Spainhower)

6 December 2014
Two bull moose (by Doug Spainhower)

6 August 2014
Five bull moose (Facebook video by Linda Hedenberg)

28 June 2014
Beaver and moose (photos by Bill Betz)

18 December 2013
Seven bull moose (photos by Paul Camillo, Doug Spainhower, and Marshall McKinney)

13 November 2013
Ermine (photo by Lisa Kendall)

27 October 2013
Three raccoons in the birdbooth

24 August 2013
Red tailed hawk (photos by Doug Spainhower)

14 July 2013
Marmot (photos by Doug Spainhower)

22 May 2013
Pine Marten (photos by Doug Spainhower)

12 April 2013
Fox visits Marshall during spring snowstorm

April 2012
Return of the Beaver (photos by Doug Spainhower)

22 June 2009
Bambi visits La Casita while Bill was cleaning up the yard

21 June 2009
Noontime stroller at Ray's cabin

7 June 2009
3AM cinnamon black bear visits Ray's deck

6 October 2007
Pine marten at the bird feeder